June 2011 Newsletter

After launching our first news letter last month we have found it very positive in helping us to keep in touch with all those that have been sharing their love with us and those who wish to support our vision and dreams to be a reality.

The month of June has been wonderful and very exciting at Shepherds Junior School: We had teachers, parents and students participate in lots of activities in the school both teaching and extra curriculum. We also had visitors and volunteers who came across to share their love and support what we have been doing.

To see photos and hear more about our exciting month, please click on the link below.

June 2011 Newsletter

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May 2011 Newsletter

A word from the founder and Manager,

Lots of compliments from Shepherd Junior School,

My dear friends from all over the world who have been very supportive to us through the Epic Change as from 2007 up to date and all those who contributed in “To Mama With Love‟ 2010 and 2011, parents, students and staff of Shepherds Junior School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting my dreams and visions come true. That’s, “Aiming at developing a community of well disciplined and hard working people”, who can change the society that we are at present – especially our country which is currently in great need of such kind of people.

So far, I strongly believe that we are going to make it. It hasn’t been so easy for me to start and run a school here in Tanzania with such a motive, it all needs a lot of courage and strength to get something of good quality to the community and through your support I can now see it happening. I also realize how anything done out of love can create a difference in the society.

The community and I have thought that it’s very important to introduce to you our first news letter from Shepherds Junior School to keep you updated on what is happening at the school every month since you are part and parcel of the growth and development of the school. You will find attachment of photos showing where we are now, what we are currently doing, different activities that are going on at the school and even some of our future plans.

It’s all my hope that you will enjoy the photos and we will look forward to get your feedback and views on how we can get to the top of our dreams.

With lots of love.

Mama Lucy

Shepherds Junior School.

View the May 2011 Newsletter

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