Scholarship & Capital Expansion Fund

At Shepherds Junior, we are incredibly grateful to those who want to support quality education for children in our area, and we welcome your involvement in expanding our educational facilities to serve even more students.  We are committed to maintaining a socio-economically diverse student body that includes both paying students, who absorb the majority of our operational costs, as well as orphans and other low-income students who cannot afford to pay our regular tuition and fees.

We offer three ways to contribute to our scholarship & capital expansion fund.  With each method, 100% of your donation, minus minimal bank processing fees we incur, will be directed to providing scholarships and/or expanding our facilities to serve even more children throughout the Arusha area.

For your reference, the cost of supporting a scholarship student, including their meals, uniform, boarding and education is approximately $600 USD per calendar year, or $50 USD per month.  A few additional sample costs include the following:

  • $20 provides a scholarship student with a new uniform.
  • $50 provides a scholarship student with meals for a full term.
  • $100 USD provides a scholarship student with instruction for a full term.
  • $600 USD provides a scholarship student with meals, uniform, boarding & education for a full year.
  • $1,000 USD adds 100+ books to our school library.
  • $10,000 builds a new classroom that will serve 25 or more students.

Contribute Online

Through our partnership with US 501c3 nonprofit Epic Change, you may make an online contribution that is tax-deductible in the United States. To do so, make a monthly or one-time contribution at with a note that your gift is meant for Shepherds Junior School.

Contribute in Tanzania

Though it will not likely be tax-deductible in the US and abroad, in Tanzania, you may contribute directly to Shepherds Foundation by making a deposit in one of the following local accounts:


Student Sponsorships

Shepherds Junior does not employ the sponsorship model of providing direct tuition assistance from a single donor to a single child, because we believe this model too often results in unintended negative consequences.

For the reasons outlined in our student sponsorship policy, we request that your contributions not be demarcated for a particular student, but instead be invested in our scholarship & capital project fund.  For clarity, by donating to support our capital expansion, you help us to direct our tuition income to add additional children to our student body who cannot afford our fees.  Additionally, with expanded facilities, the incremental cost of adding additional children to our classrooms is minimized.  In essence, by contributing to capital improvements, you enable us to direct a greater portion of our tuition income toward scholarships for new orphan and low-income students.  Your donations provide precisely the same benefit as sponsorships to our school, but are not earmarked for a particular student, thereby avoiding the potential challenges of the sponsorship relationship.

Of course, we encourage you to interact freely with all of our students online and on campus.  We simply prefer that you do not earmark funding for any particular student for the reasons outlined in our student sponsorship policy.

By contributing in this empowering way, you can help us to cultivate a strong, self-sufficient student body and community.  Thanks so much for your contribution to Shepherds Junior School!!

If you’d like to read more about our policy on student sponsorships, please click here.

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